How it is NDIS funded? 

We believe that beauty should be accessible and inclusive for everyone. We're proud to share that our products can be funded with your NDIS plan. ByStorm has completed an NDIS audit and is currently awaiting NDIS registered status. For now, only plan-managed and self-managed participants can purchase ByStorm when we launch. 

What Does NDIS Funded Mean for You?

ByStorm falls under the category of "low-cost, low-risk assistive technology." In simpler terms, this means our products are recognised by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as tools that help you with things they cant do, because of your disability. As a result, they can be purchased through your NDIS Plan.

The Nitty Gritty

Low-cost, low-risk assistive technology ( under $1500) is funded through the Core Support budget, specifically under Consumables.

Potential Line-items

01_038_0106_1_1: This line item is for the purchase of low-cost, low-risk assistive technology items not linked to the participant's employment. ByStorm's products would primarily be claimed under this item.

Important Reminders

Supports Must Be "Reasonable and Necessary": All NDIS-funded supports, including ByStorm products, must adhere to the "reasonable and necessary" criteria set out by the NDIS. This means the support must relate to the participant's disability and represent value for money, among other criteria. Talk with your support coordinator or NDIS planner to ensure you meet the criteria.

The NDIS Price Guide is updated periodically. Always refer to the latest version to ensure accurate information on line items, price limits, and claiming rules.

If you're Plan or self-managed, you have the flexibility to choose any provider, like ByStorm.