About Us

What is ByStorm? 

ByStorm was born from the belief that beauty belongs to everyone—it's a right, a feeling, and a celebration that everyone should have access to. We’re not just another name in the cosmetic aisle. We’ve set out with a mission: to challenge an industry that's overlooked diverse bodies, abilities, and experiences for way too long. Our makeup accessories have been crafted to effortlessly integrate with the products you adore because to us, true inclusivity means everyone gets to use the same products.

We're about moments, memories, and the empowering feeling of being undeniably you. We’re convinced that beauty shouldn't be crafted in boardrooms but co-created with the authentic voices of people like YOU. With ByStorm, we're carving out a space where every voice is heard, and every story matters. We're here to add colour, fun, and, most importantly, inclusivity to the beauty narrative. We are setting a new beauty standard - celebrating the beauty that is as unique, bold, and fabulous as you are.. Welcome to the ByStorm revolution



Storm Menzies 

In 2023, Storm Menzies had an epiphany. Despite a childhood stroke affecting her right side, Storm danced through life like anyone else. But an injury to her dominant hand, and the unexpected challenge of makeup application, shifted her perspective. She dove into the search for accessible makeup and was struck by how many shared her struggle. The stories of people with disabilities feeling overlooked in the beauty space lit a fire in her.

Storm's living room became a lab of sorts. She learnt how to 3D model, and create Iteration after iteration,  testing ideas and prototypes. Storm reached out to friends, and focus groups of people with disabilities to test the products and give honest feedback. 

Storm's infectious passion started conversations around inclusivity in beauty, creating waves in an industry that needed some shaking up. ByStorm isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement, a community, and a testament to the fact that when beauty is truly inclusive, it shines the brightest