Redefining Beauty & Inclusivity

At ByStorm, we champion the belief that beauty is a universal right—a feeling that knows no boundaries and a celebration that belongs to all. We're more than just another cosmetic brand; we're on a mission to challenge the status quo of an industry that has long overlooked diverse bodies, abilities, and experiences.

Crafted with precision and care, our makeup accessories seamlessly integrate with your favourite products, because true inclusivity means everyone deserves access to the same quality and range. We believe beauty shouldn't be dictated by boardrooms but co-created with the voices of individuals like YOU. ByStorm is dedicated to carving out a space where every voice is heard, and every story matters—a space where color, fun, and inclusivity reign supreme.

Enter the ByStorm revolution, where we're setting a new standard for beauty—one that celebrates uniqueness, boldness, and unapologetic fabulousness.


Meet Storm

Storm Menzies, the visionary behind ByStorm. In 2023, Storm's journey took a profound turn. Despite facing the challenges of a childhood stroke that affected her right side, Storm danced through life with resilience. However, an injury to her dominant hand brought about an unexpected hurdle: the challenge of makeup application.

Driven by her own experiences, Storm embarked on a quest for accessible makeup solutions. What she discovered was a shared struggle among countless others with disabilities. This realization ignited a fire within her, propelling her to transform her living room into a creative laboratory.

Armed with determination, Storm taught herself 3D modeling and tirelessly crafted iteration after iteration of prototypes. Collaborating with friends and focus groups of individuals with disabilities, she solicited honest feedback to refine her creations.

Storm's infectious passion sparked vital conversations around inclusivity in beauty, sending ripples through an industry in need of transformation. ByStorm isn't just a brand; it's a movement—a community dedicated to proving that true beauty shines brightest when it embraces all. Join us in celebrating the beauty that's as diverse, bold, and fabulous as you are. Welcome to the ByStorm revolution.